Thursday, March 17, 2011

HEADS (This isn't the same Heads)

I was somewhat disappointed by reading a good book about heads. So I I had to post another book about heads that lived up to my horrible expectations. This book was not good and named "Heads"; so it clearly suites the whole blog better than a good book called "Heads". Both also host a prominent head on the cover.

HEADS by David Osborn

This man is clearly getting the most terrifying head massage ever! Perhaps a truly fear-inducing spinal adjustment! No, I bet it's about doctors taking people's heads off.

What I got:
A splendidly bad piece of sci-fi involving Scooby-Doo obvious mysteries, a love triangle where one player doesn't have a body- and a lady doctor catfight scene. Delivered a room full of talking, problem solving heads with a tendency for committing suicide.

Cover execution:
7/10. The blond doctor gets his head taken off by dark haired doctor. I suppose they could have been more overt- (and in fact they don't pick the heads up and carry them around or anything), but a little mystique helps. Bonus for the awesome Heavy Metal inspired font for the title.

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